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Cody's 1973 Nova



This is my 1973 Nova Hatchback. It was Originally a 6 cyl,bench seat, column shift car I found in a junkyard for $1100. I have since swaped out the inline six for a freshly rebuilt 350 and a new 700r4 both from a ' 92 iroc. Found a donor car for $200 with bucket seats that are now in the car with a B&M floor shifter. Also recently found a ' 73 4-door being parted out that I got the complete disc brake setup with powerbooster and prop valve. For $320!!! Have the discs on already but not the booster. But just the manual disc is a HUGE improvement over 4-wheel manual drum brakes.

 As you may have noticed that is not a ' 73 front end. I had a VERY beat up ' 68 Nova before this. I swapped all the grill and the hoods before I sold it. I was able to keep the ' 73 fenders just had to pop out the front piece so you can put in the earlier style headlight bezel. I personly like the older style front end much more.Thinking of converting that big ass back bumper as well. Looks like that will take a lil fabrication. I'll keep you posted.

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Got a motor picture up finally.Nothin special, but I like it. This is a ' 79 4 bolt I picked up for 400 bucks on  700r4 still in it but the iroc block spun a bearing. It now resides on a engine stand. But I will be swapping the air-gap off of it on to this motor soon. I got the MSD box and distributor at a garage sale for $120 with the 6000 rpm chip in it,no problems yet.


What's New?
06-09-05 Rear wheels took a dump on me. The lug holes are shaped like eggs now. Might have some pontiac rallys. I will throw some SS center caps on. I've seen this on another nova. Looks clean, and dude only want 40 bucks for the rims with trim. Its gonna cost me more to ship them. More to come soon.

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